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Why the Dodo?
The Dodo Bird remains an icon of rarity and wonder. It has inspired writers, given way to incredible research and adventure.​



Our brand seeks to create story-driven children’s wear.  As Oliver Meach, the graphic novel encourages an elevation of children's literature, exposing them to historical criteria and enriching vocabulary, the House of Dodo provides a narrative with every article of clothing.


Dodo, by Oliver Meach is "Extinct-ive"; the concept and philosophy that what has become extinct can be reborn and celebrated for its eccentricity, richness or sophistication.  Surely nothing would exist today if it weren't for what was created in the past.


What if we gave children the means to express themselves through sophisticated and story-driven apparel?  We believe that a child is only as good as what they are given, so why not give them something of the utmost enrichment.  Our graphic novel and clothing line goes hand in hand with our mission.


Our striving to create a new dimension in Children’s wear is inspired by a cultured background, historical accounts and aims to not only appease the child, but also the parent.


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